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Build a website for your business

Create your e-commerce website within minutes and start selling directly to your customers.
Smart Hub

Manage omni-channel orders easily

Track & manage all your inventory, orders and returns wherever you sell- all in one place.
Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Fulfill all orders using Amazon's network

Take advantage of Amazon's fulfillment network to fulfill every single order, no matter where you sell.

Designed for all types of businesses


Build your own website within minutes

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End-to-end e-commerce website with integrated payments & shipping
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List & showcase unlimited products and start your e-commerce business.
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Customizable themes that represent your brand
SmartBiz has really helped me streamline my orders, payments, and shipping seamlessly and all in one place. With all the time SmartBiz has helped me save, I can focus on creating art & growing my business.
C B K Nivedita
Founder, Knitty Nivi

Automate omni-channel order management

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Get unified & real-time view for all your orders, returns & inventory across channels
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Simplify your returns process & accurately track all your returns
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99.9% system availability so that you never miss an order

Partner solutions

Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Sell anywhere, fulfill with Amazon

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Use a single inventory source to fulfill all your orders no matter where you sell
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Superior delivery performance, on time, every time
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Demand-driven recommendations & storage capacity to manage order volumes
The Shopify integration for Multi-channel Fulfillment is extremely seamless experience because it completely automates the entire fulfillment process. Our team simply maintains inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers. Then, everything is taken care of by Amazon. Everything, literally, with a single click!
Bala Sarda
Founder & CEO, Vahdam India

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Commerce by Amazon?
Smart Commerce by Amazon is a suite of SaaS solutions that enables businesses to reach new customers online, streamline and simplify operations, and reduce costs. With Smart Commerce, small businesses can digitize & automate their operations, provide enhanced shopping experience to their customers, and create their own online stores to serve customers directly, and more. Businesses of any size can now take advantage of Amazon’s shopping innovations, logistics, digital payments, and more to provide a reliable and trustworthy experience to their customers — no matter where they are — directly through their own online store, on and everywhere in between. Know more about us here.
What solutions does Smart Commerce by Amazon offer?
Smart Commerce by Amazon offers 2 primary solutions- i) SmartBiz by Amazon that can help you create your own mobile-friendly end-to-end e-commerce website within minutes complete with integrated payments and shipping solutions in order to help you start selling online directly to your customers, and ii) Smart Hub by Amazon which is a performance-first, easy-to-use order management system (OMS) that can help you seamlessly manage all your orders, returns, inventory and pricing across all your sales channels from a single dashboard You can discover all features of SmartBiz by Amazon here and know more about Smart Hub by Amazon here.
What is SmartBiz by Amazon?
SmartBiz by Amazon is a no-code website builder that can help you create your own end-to-end mobile friendly e-commerce website, easily within minutes. You don't need any design or coding skills to create your website with SmartBiz. You can now list and showcase unlimited products, offer online payment options to your customers and avail integrated doorstep pick-up and delivery services, all from one place. Backed by powerful tools from Amazon, you can now start selling the way you want, with policies you prefer, to your customers online. Kickstart your e-commerce business today with SmartBiz by Amazon.
What is Smart Hub by Amazon?
Smart Hub is a performance-first Order Management System (OMS) powered by AWS to help you seamlessly manage your orders, returns, inventory & pricing across all your sales channels from a single dashboard. Simplify your post-purchase operations by automating your order processing with 99.9% uptime on SmartConsole, ensuring your business never stops.
What is Multi-Channel Fulfillment?
Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) enables businesses of all sizes to take advantage of Amazon's powerful fulfillment network including product storage and order fulfillment capabilities to fulfill their own orders received on any online sales channels (including their own independent websites or third-party marketplaces or social commerce). Currently, in India, this program is invite-only and live only for sellers using our FBA service. FBA sellers can now fulfill orders for even non-Amazon sales channels using their existing FBA inventory using Amazon's fulfillment network. Therefore, MCF allows you to maintain control over your sales and inventory, while letting Amazon fulfill your online orders from a single inventory source.
What are the charges or fees of using solutions of Smart Commerce by Amazon?
All products under the Smart Commerce suite of solutions will have their own pricing plans. Currently, we are running an early-bird introductory offer under which you can avail free trials of all of these products at completely zero fees/ charges/ commissions until March 2024. Our solutions are also invite only at the moment. In case you are interested to sign up for a free trial, please register your interest and our team will get back to you.
I am interested. How can I get started with your products?
Our products are currently invite-only. In case you are interested to sign up for a free trial or want to book a demo, please register your interest and our team will get back to you.
How do I get help?
At any time, if you need help in setting up or operating your online store, please refer to the resources center or help center on our website to access FAQs and other useful resources such as blogs, tutorials, and step-by-step explainers. You can also connect with us on our social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Share your experience and keep yourself updated about the latest features and launches from Smart Commerce that can help you grow your business. Please note that our products are currently invite-only. In case you are interested to sign up for a free trial or want to book a demo, please register your interest and our team will get back to you.
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