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Easy to setup: Start your website in minutes without any design or coding skills
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Simplified order management: Streamline managing all your orders from one place
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Offer coupons & discounts: Delight your customers by creating promotional offers & coupons.
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List unlimited products: Easily upload and showcase all your products to your customers
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Flexible payment options: Provide multiple payment options to your customers, track payments and enjoy timely payouts
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Business analytics: Analyse your store's performance and make data driven decisions, always.
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Customizable design: Give your website a look that you like using themes.
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Integrated shipping: Choose a delivery partner or ship it yourself.
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Custom store policies: Setup your own returns, exchange and payments policies for your website.

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What is SmartBiz by Amazon?

SmartBiz by Amazon is a no-code website builder that can help you create your own end-to-end mobile friendly e-commerce website, easily within minutes without any design or coding skills. You can list and showcase unlimited products, offer online payment options to your customers and avail integrated doorstep pick-up and delivery services, all from one place.

An easy, no-code solution to build your online store

Get everything you need to launch & manage your ecommerce website. Setup your website in minutes & start selling online today!
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Build a website for your business

Create your website within minutes and start selling directly to your customers.
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Manage omni-channel orders easily

Track & manage all your inventory, orders and returns from any sales channel- all in one place.
Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Fulfill all orders using Amazon's network

Take advantage of Amazon's fulfillment network to fulfill every order, no matter where you sell.
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