How to deliver your products using SmartBiz by Amazon?

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Jan 24, 2023
You need to consider many factors when you sell items online, but one of the most important is your logistics strategy. Whether you’ve just launched your online business or are looking to expand, delivering orders effectively and efficiently and ensuring a good customer experience is essential to any e-commerce strategy.

This page will explore the different options available for you to deliver the orders you receive on your own website created using SmartBiz by Amazon.

How to deliver your products to your online customers?

On SmartBiz by Amazon, there are two ways in which your online customer can choose to receive their orders. These are:
1. In-store pickup:
With this option, customers can order your products from your online store and choose to pick these up in your physical store location at their convenience.
How to activate in-store pickup for your customers?
To activate this feature, follow the steps below:
  • Go to the ‘My Profile’ page on your SmartBiz account
  • Toggle the ‘pickup’ switch to on if you want to enable customer self-pickup in your physical store
  1. Click on ‘Store Timings’ to adjust what time and days your physical store opens and closes for pick-up orders from customers
How to fulfil an in-store order pickup?
To fulfill a customer self-pick-up order, follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Go to the ‘My Orders’ page to view your pending orders. Shipping option selected by the customer is mentioned in the customer details section. In this case, the shipping option will be mentioned as ‘pick-up in store’
  • Click on ‘Accept Order’
  • When you are ready to fulfill the order, click on ‘ready for pick-up’ to notify the customer that the order is ready to be picked up
  1. Once the customer has picked up the order, click on ‘Mark as Delivered’
2. Home Delivery:
Customers can choose to have their orders delivered to their homes. In case the customer chooses home delivery, you have the option to either deliver the order yourself using your own courier partner (self-ship) or use a shipping partner option available under Shiprocket.

To set up home delivery on SmartBiz you will first need to add your delivery radius so that customers will be able to see if your shop will deliver to their location or if they can pick up their order in-store.
How to set delivery radius?
  • Click on the ‘Set delivery radius’ button
  • Set your desired delivery coverage. If you want to ship all over India, you can simply select the -same. If you want to ship within a certain radius, you can add the same here
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button to save your delivery radius.
How to activate home delivery options for your customers?
To activate this feature, follow the steps below:
  • Go to the ‘My Profile’ page on your SmartBiz account
  • Toggle the ‘delivery’ switch to on, if you want to enable home deliveries for your customers
  • Set up your delivery charges and delivery radius, and configure your Shiprocket account, as per your requirement
3. Self-ship:
Self-shipment means that you wish to deliver your products with your own courier service or delivery partner.
How to deliver a self-ship order?
To allow self-shipment for orders, follow these steps:
  • Go to the ‘My Orders’ page on your SmartBiz account
  • Click on accept order to initiate processing for delivery
  • Select delivery option ‘Self-ship’
  • Select the option through which you will be delivering your order- either through your 'Delivery person' or through 'Third-party services'.
  • Enter details that need to be shared with the customer such as the delivery agent's name and mobile number and then click 'continue'
  • Delivery details will be updated and the customer will notified.
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Pro-tip: Fast delievries delight customers. Try to ship your orders to deliver within 2-3 days of an order being placed.
4. Shipping via Shiprocket:
ShipRocket is a third-party shipping aggregator that can automatically connect you with multiple shipping service providers to help you deliver your products. Depending on your requirements, they can help you deliver your products locally and all over India.
To set up your ShipRocket account, follow the steps mentioned here.
How to deliver an order using Shiprocket?
To deliver using ShipRocket, follow these instructions:
  • Go to the ‘My Orders’ page on your SmartBiz account
  • Click on accepted order and confirm delivery
  • Select delivery option ‘Courier Partner’
  • Select your pick-up location (default or previously saved location) or add a new pick-up address, as required
  • Confirm and save your pick-up address.
  • Enter the weight of the package and its dimensions (length, breadth, and height).
  • Click on ‘Continue’
  • Check if there is sufficient balance in your ShipRocket wallet*
  • Select the delivery company according to the location and your budget
  • Schedule pick-up for your order with the courier partner
  • Ensure you have downloaded labels for the order and pasted them on the package before handing it over. You can generate a shipping manifest as well from this screen.

  • *Note: ShipRocket is a pre-paid delivery service. Please ensure you always keep your wallet topped up.

    Delivering your products effectively is one of the most important processes when you build your own e-commerce business. SmartBiz by Amazon ensures that this is a smooth, seamless, and hassle-free process so that you can satisfy and delight your customers with every online order you receive.


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